Back on Track!


It's been a few months since I've written a post-- and let me tell you, SO much has changed.

For a while, we thought we may have to postpone the wedding, and so I kind of fell off (out of?) the wedding world for a while. We were going to scale it back down, do a smaller ceremony and a reception in a restaurant or something along those lines, and then Mikey's brother and SIL did something incredible-- they offered to let us get hitched in their big, beautiful backyard.

Now, there's nothing wrong with out backyard, per se-- it's big and beautiful, with lots of flat land (which Mikey's bro does NOT have-- which may be a bit tricky), but their yard has a pond. And a pond house. And two bridges, and two giant nearly endangered swans (that I helped catch once!)-- all in all, it's an incredibly beautiful property.

So, it started out to be a small gathering there, and then it kind of exploded again. With about four months left until the wedding.

*cue slight freak-out*

Luckily, I did a whole bunch of stuff over the last year and a half to get ready for the wedding, and anyways, I do my best work when I procrastinate. Three months and one week left? No problem! Let's kick some wedding ass!

Also, I'm being proactive right now.

I've written about how Mikey is making mead for our wedding. After all, we met while drinking mead, and his proposal involved mead. It just makes sense that our wedding will have tons of delicious mead for us to enjoy!

So, for mead, you need wine bottles to bottle the mead with once it matures. So, I bought a wine bottle today while the Sam bought stuff for making oatmeal cookies. Of course, they do no good if they're full of wine, so...I've been drinking! Yep! Wine and cookies at 2:30 in the afternoon.


Hooray for working on the wedding!

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  1. I think I should perhaps add wine and cookies to my wedding planning...