Jacked about Santa

I am so jacked about Santa Claus this year.

Seriously, I’m not sure I’ve been this excited for Christmas to come (two weeks away, exactly!) since I was a youngin’, but I am, and here’s why:

Santa’s gonna be bringing us some wedding goodies this year.

I’ve mentioned before (this post) how awesome my parents are when it comes to Christmas, and it’s true. My Mom has been bugging me for my (and Mikey’s, and Sam’s) Christmas list for the past two months, and at first, I had no idea what I wanted to ask for.

Finally, after one day spending an inordinate amount of time looking up invites and postage and all of that happy nonsense, I was struck with an idea. I quickly pulled up my e-mail, and I shot my Mom a tentative message, that was something like,

“Heeeey Mom. I have a Christmas list item for you! It would be amaaaazing if I could get some stamps, for thank you notes, and invites, and what not for the wedding. What do you think?”

I sent it off, crossed my fingers, and continued to peruse the internet. A little later, I see I have a message from my Mom. “Sure, sweetie, what kind?”

Opening of the flood gates, commence.

I have since asked for a variety of different wedding paraphernalia, ranging from crafty items (ribbons, card stock, etc) to a few wonky items (plywood for our cutouts) and beyond.

I have to confess, I’m rather sad I didn’t think about doing this last year, since we were engaged then, too. It does make sense though- I was nowhere near the stages I am now for wedding planning.

For instance, I may have asked for a deposit to a catering company.

Silly me, we’re self-catering the event!

Or, perhaps, for vintage milk bottles for our centerpieces.

Oh, me, tsk tsk tsk. Our centerpiece is going to be centered around mead, baby. We’re going to get our drink on.

However, since we're much closer, and have a solid idea of what we're working with and want, I was able to ask for some pretty important items that we're looking forward to. Here are a few of the big ones:


Ok, so getting envelopes may seem like a silly gift, but it's going to be nice to not have to do some crazy running around, looking for envelopes, right after our wedding.


Dag, yo! These suckas be expensive! ...in other words, stamps cost a pretty penny, and to not have to worry about postage? Well, that makes me a rather happy lady.


Ooh, hello sexy bottles! What might you be doing on a Christmas wedding list like this?

I'd tell you, readers, but then I'd have to kill you. Aaaand by that, I mean that the use of such beautiful bottles is going to be explained in another post. *cue excitement and anticipation*


Last, but by no means least, wedding rings. (Not these, though. Ours are cooler.)

Yep, we asked Santa to get us wedding rings.

I know, it's a bit unconventional (and maybe the whole Santa thing makes it a bit more so) but I'm glad we did. They're an item that we keep meaning to purchase, and keep forgetting. Which makes me feel a bit horrible, sometimes-- who remembers to buy piping bags for cupcake toppers but forgets wedding rings?*

*In my defense, I think that sometimes, it's easier to go with the smaller ticket items.

Now, I cannot wait for Christmas (which normally reduces me to a child-like state of excitement, anyways) to see what kind of wedding tomfoolery we’ll be gifted. I am pretty positive (and super excited) that the rings are probably going to be one of the gifts we receive. I don’t know why I thought my Mom would have been a little weirded out by my request, because we’re a VERY non-traditional family. We’ve already picked out the rings (and that will be its own separate post, with pictures and such), so it’s not as if we’re saying, “Hey, while you’re at the store, could you get us some butter and a few wedding rings?”

I also love the idea of receiving the rings as a gift from my parents, who have a wonderful marriage. They constantly remind Mikey and I of what kind of a marriage we want to have: open, loving, full of great communication and a constant growing, as a couple. To have our wedding rings come from that place would be really wonderful. It almost feels like the blessing of the rings ceremony that people do in weddings, but instead, they’re being blessed by someone else’s marriage. Also, since I got my engagement ring from Mikey’s family, it feels right that we’re getting these from mine.*

*I just wanted to let you know, in the spirit of keeping this an honest post, that this was not a thought I had before asking my Mom. This was one of those retroactively sentimental moments, when you decide you want to do something, and later realize how sweet it is. It would have been great if it had been my intention from the get go, but it wasn’t. However, if you want to continue thinking of me as an unbelievably sentimentally sweet person, you can just ignore this little asterisked section.

What about you? Are you looking forward to any special item that Santa’s going to be bringing this year?

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