Oh my god, Shoes.

Stupid Boy. Stupid Boy.
Let's get some shoes-- let's party.

So, a picture heavy post of wedding shoes-- I have mine, and I love them. I actually found them while prom dress shopping with my little sister:
This is one of her senior pictures that awesome friend Sam took- how ridiculously cool does she look? I love that she wore a cape for her senior pics- that's the kind of lady she is.

Anyways, when we were out looking for accessories for her, I looked over to my left to see a wall of shoes, and my eyes zeroed in. Normally, shoe shopping consists of debating between two similar pairs of shoes, trying them on, and walking around a ton to compare the comfort levels. I said, "There they are. Those are my wedding shoes."

It was only 6 months into our engagement, and I still had a year and a half to go. I was a bit worried that I might change my mind later and want a different pair, but my sister encouraged me, and I bought them. So far, my fears are unfounded-- I adore them. I'm not planning on changing my mind anytime in the near future, and I'm sure I'll still love them in seven months.

Enough talk-- I'll show you the pictures!

Photographer/Roomie/Bestie Sam just took these pictures for me, and I love them:

Yep, they're bright blue! They go with our wedding colors, they work for the whole "something blue" part of the "something old, something new" rhyme, and they're pretty much the prettiest shoes I've ever owned. Hooray!

When did you find your wedding shoes? Or are you having a non-traditional color for your wedding shoes?


  1. OMG gorgeous!!! Wowza! Plus a pair like that you could always wear again for special occasions and anniversaries!

  2. Thank you! :D:D:D I'm so excited-- it's been really hard not tot wear them around right now :P

  3. I found the BEST blue shoes at Kohl's, and I'm honestly debating getting them for my wedding. They're magnificent.

  4. Blue shoes are the way to go! Please post photos somewhere! :D