DIY: Bookmark save-the-dates!

So far, I've written about how we're going to be doing a lot of crafting, and how much I adore DIY activities- buuuut, I haven't written any posts on crafts! So, today, I figured I'd share with you how I make our photobooth save-the-date bookmark inserts we're going to be sending out with our invites.

You don't actually need a photobooth picture to do this- as long as you either have a willing friend, or a camera with a self- timer (and a little computer/photoshop know-how) you can make these pretty quickly and easily! The first thing to do is get that friend (or self-timed camera!) to take four pictures of you and your SO in different poses. Mikey and I made a few std bookmarks before, but then my computer crashed and I lost all of those photos, so we decided to take some new ones today, before we headed off to work/school. We took a bunch, and then narrowed it down to our four favorites.

All of these poses were fun to do, but the heart one was SOOO difficult! It took forever to perfect- we had the camera set for a 10-second timer, so we kept hitting the button, rushing back into place, trying to get our heads to be right behind our hands, and kissing. I also kept having to fix Mikey's hand, because that man just doesn't know how to make shapes with his hands. We did get it eventually, though, and I think that one is one of my top two favorites! If I ever want to attempt this again, however, I'm definitely having a friend assist us.

Next, edit the photos however you'd like- I tend to go with black and white, because I love the vintage photo look. You can really use whatever editing program you'd like, but I really enjoy picasa3- which is download-able online for free- you can download your copy here, if you're interested :)

Next, you want to re-size the pictures so that they're not *huge*. I re-sized them to about 40% of their original size, but this is going to differ for every different computer and original size- the best way to do this is just using trial and error. It may take a while, but the end result is worth it. You want the pictures small enough to fit on the width of a regular bookmark, with a little bit of room on either side.

After you re-size the pictures, open up paint (or any other equivalent program) and color the background whatever color you'd like- I chose black, again, to work with that whole vintage photo thing. Then I simply opened the pictures, one at a time, and put them on the black background, added our names, wedding date, and "save the date!" on the bottom, and our photobooth strip was done!

It's ok if you have an extra bit of background on one of the sides of the photos, just make sure the text on the bookmark is centered on the photos, not the width of the bookmark if you plan on fixing the extra. You can see on my photo, I have extra black on the right side, but I'll be chopping that off later, so I made sure our information was centered with the bottom photo.

Next, we come to the construction of the actual bookmark! Here are some supplies you need:

  • Cardstock
  • Mod podge
  • A paintbrush for the mod podge
  • A ruler
  • Scissors (or a neat razor/ruler thingy, as shown above)
Once you have all of your materials gathered, go ahead and print out the photobooth strip you made- you can do this either on regular paper, or on glossy. I find it works just fine on regular paper, but it's just a preference thing.

I've printed out this bookmark bigger than normal so it's easier for you to see what it's going to look like when it's done.

Go ahead and cut it out! This is the time to get rid of any extra background (like the stuff to the right of my pictures).

Next, line up the picture on the piece of cardstock that you want to use as the base of your bookmark- use the ruler to get an accurate distance all along the side of the photo strip.

Next, use the mod podge and put a thin layer on the underside of the photo strip, and put a book (or something heavy) on top so that it dries evenly.

Once you've let the photo dry (for about ten minutes), cut out your book mark to your desired width! Use a ruler or a a razor thingy like I have pictured above- I accidentally spilled mod podge on mine, so I used scissors-- and you can tell, the right side is a bit uneven.
When you're done, you have an adorable bookmark save-the-date! They're light, fast to make, and depending on how big you make them, you can easily generate 5-6 per page of printer paper as well as cardstock!

Do you have any great DIY save-the-date tips?

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