How Halloween Parties and Weddings are similar

Here is a short list of how Halloween and Weddings are similar:

-Everyone gets dressed up.
-Some of the things that people wear can be pretty scary.
-Some people who show up can be just plain scary.
-Lots of delicious sweets (if they're doing it right!).
-Lots of fun drinky things (again, if they're doing it right).
-You spend tons of money on decorations you'll probably only use once.
-You spend much more on a single outfit than you would normally.
-Your creepy uncle shows up and spikes the punch.

Ok, so maybe not so much that last one, but in general, there are a lot of similarities. The last and most important one being that I love them both and will always go all out for a great party!

We had a Greek mythology themed Halloween party last weekend, and it was fantastic. We set up a mini feast of Grecian food, like grapes, plums, apples, pomegrantes, cheeses and hummus and gyro meat and tzatziki sauce. It was *fantastic* and unbelievably delicious.
Everyone had a different God or Goddess that they dressed up as, and we had decorated our house to look like both Mount Olympus and Tartarus. It was family friendly from 7-10, and at 10, the party became adult only. We kicked off the adult only portion of the party with the shots song, and nearly everyone joined us in doing three shots. It was a complete success, and even though it was financially draining, as well as draining health-wise, it was worth it. Take a look at some of the photos my fabulous friend Sam (one of the three creators of the party, and my fiance and my roommate):

The entrance to the house. I wood burned the signs :) The numbers were actually adjustable, too, so that the guests could make the count go up when they entered.

The feast! And also Sam nomming on the cheese before the party started. *tsk*

Baby Hercules (Mikey's nephew) and Pan (Mikey's Dad).

Mikey! This is my fiance, errr, I mean, Poseidon. He looked so harsh in the first picture. The second one is much more accurate in terms of what his face is like most of the time. He is a very happy guy, which is one of the reasons I love him so much.

This is me, with a baby hydra. He was so cute, I literally wanted to just eat him right up! However, he's not my little cutie. He belongs to...

This lovely lady- Hera, and Mikey's SIL. Here's their lovely family, consisting of baby hydra, Hera, Zeus, and Baby Hercules. Adorable, no?

At some point, slighlty inebriated Sam stumbled over by Aphrodite's den and snapped a picture of three of Mikey's siblings and his dad, sitting around and just enjoying the party and each other's company.
So, why use this halloween post as an opening instead of a basic introduction as to who I am?
Take a look at the pictures above. Then back at this sentence. Now back at the pictures.

These people are going to be some of the people most intimately involved in my wedding planning process. Pan- who is Mikey's dad, just as a refresher- is going to be the father-of-the-groom. All of the decorations we made? That was for a halloween party. We wood-burned 7 signs, painted 5 signs, purchased 12 bags of grapes, over 500 dollars of alcohol, made 8 costumes (the costumes of me, Sam and Mikey were all made by us including head pieces and such), and used over 6 cans of gold spray paint to put the finishing touches on random tiny effects throughout the house.

Can you imagine what we're going to do for the wedding?

I'll do a more in-depth intro post next time, but I have to leave you with a picture of adorable: Cerberus, also known as our dog, Bandit.

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