Little Details

...in a literal sense. Figuratively, it's a bit of a bigger deal.

I'm talking cake toppers.

I've had a hard time deciding exactly what I want to top our (cup)cake.

It's not that I don't know what I want- it's just that I want so many different things! There's the whole bird-cake-topper craze that's going on right now. I think they're super beautiful, but I don't have the best relationship with birds. We've never really gotten along. We send each other Christmas cards, birds and I, but we don't really hang out or ever get coffee together.

There are those adorable little wooden people you can find on etsy, where the artist takes elements of your wedding dress, colors, and personality and makes you and your SO (significant other) into these tiny, little wooden replicas of your wedding-day-selves. For a while, I considered going to Hobby Lobby (a *huge* craft store with all of your crafting needs, and then some) and getting some wood for myself to paint/decorate.

However, today, on a break at work, I came up with what I want to do-well, at least the general idea.

I want to do a salt and pepper shaker wedding cake topper.

You see, I love salt and pepper shakers- not the normal, boring, cylindrical ones that you shove to the back of cabinets, but the intricately designed, vintage, totally off-the-wall shakers. I think it stems partially for my love of all things mini- my two favorite salt and pepper shakers right now are the ones that look like mini pumpkins, and the ones that look like mini teapots (I also love teapots, but that's really quite irrelevant to this post). I love the idea of shrinking something down and slapping a seasoning inside of it.

"Oh, is that a mini rollerskate with rosemary?"
"A mini tophat with thyme??"
"A mini cupcake with cumen???"

I think you get the picture.

So, as I was sitting at work, I was looking at an article in a magazine on how women were taking parts of their centerpieces, and incorporating them into decorations for their house: reusing vases, drying out flowers to use as potpourri- just tons of wonderful ideas. I love the idea of having little memories of our wedding around the house, becoming a part of who we are, the background of our daily lives. I also love the idea that so many of the details I spent hours upon hours and days upon days ruminating over wouldn't be a one-time-use deal.

On the next page of the magazine, there were a bunch of pictures of cake toppers, and I got to thinking that it would be wonderful if I could use our toppers as something after the wedding- and it just clicked.

I want salt and pepper cake toppers.

Let me rephrase that: I desperately want salt and pepper cake toppers.

I started looking at shakers today, and I found some that just melted my heart a little bit. I'm still not sure quite which kind I'm looking for, but I think I'll know it when I see it.

I'm excited at the idea of being able to bring out our 'special' shakers on certain days (holidays, anniversaries, birthdays) and have a flood of memories. I talked to Mikey, and he's completely on board.

Even though I haven't picked a favorite, yet, here are some notable finds that make me smile.
I know, I said birds and I don't get along (and we don't)- but aren't these so endearing? I would totally go to coffee with these guys.

One of the things I say sometimes (and I could not, for the life of me, tell you why) is "I am a robop". I don't know. But these guys are precious!

Cutest. Ninjas. Ever.

What do you think? Do you have a unique idea for a cake topper? Do you like birds, or do you have a lukewarm relationship with them, like me?


  1. Okay, funny thing about me and birds: watched Alfred Hitchcock's the birds as a child and have been scared to death since (there's a bridge up here in MKE that I won't cross cause it's covered in seagulls). BUT...I find birds beautiful and even have them tattooed on my chest. Talk about irony? lol

  2. Haaahahaha- that's great! Artistic, I think they're unbelievably beautiful, but yeah- birds are creepy.

    (also, I love your tattooes!)