Engagement: The third

Ahhh, the ending. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, and would like to catch up on the two posts before this one, look here and here. However, if you're not into the idea of clicking on those links, or scrolling down on my page, here's a quick blurb to sum up what's going on:

A romantic trio of blog posts about a man who proposes to a woman, and the incredible journey along the way. Join our hero and heroine as they brave the streets of Chicago, enjoying delectable food, and have their bodies slicked down in oil and rubbed by strangers! It's a non-stop, fun-filled action adventure that will have you eager to say "I do!" to the next installation.

So we last ended with Mikey and I, strolling along the lake front, when suddenly Mikey looks up from his watch and asks me if I'm up for running with him. Luckily for him, he packed me a nice pair of flats that day, along with heels, in case my feet got tired (good thinking, Mikey! Ten points to you!). I slipped them on, and off we went, him pulling me by the hand, dodging pedestrians through the streets of Chicago. It was a bit of a work-out, but it was a blast. His energy was contagious, and I knew that the big event had to be coming. We had to make a small pit stop along the way, but before I knew it, we had run all the way to the base of the Sears Tower.*

(*side note: I know it's now called the Willis Tower, or something along those lines, but that is just ridiculous, and I refuse)

Mikey was in a rush, and I didn't quite understand why- we had arrived, they weren't closing for a few hours, and it didn't seem like that bad of a line. Plus, Mikey had purchased the express passes, which let us bypass a ton of the line. Once we got to the top, Mikey pulled me by my hand, and we made it over to the windows that face Lake Michigan and Navy Pier. We stood there for a bit, just enjoying the scenery, but I could tell Mikey was nervous- he was kind of moving non-stop, and seemed a bit anxious.

The sun started to set, and Navy Pier began it's firework show.

Mikey moved behind me, got down on one knee, and pulled out a ring box.

He said to me, "Keighley- you are the most beautiful, incredible, intelligent, funny, loving, incredible woman I have ever met. Will you marry me?"
[yes, he said incredible twice- it was adorable]

I was super excited, and I cried a little. I said yes.

Mikey then told me that the ring had belonged to his mom, who passed away. It was such a touching moment, and I told him how much I loved the ring.

And this girl next to us FREAKED OUT. It was so amusing to both Mikey and I- once he got down on one knee, she started hitting her friends and telling them how he was proposing. All throughout the proposal, she kept saying "ohmigod that man is pro-posing right now", "that's so sweet, he's pro-posing", "that's so romantic, he's pro-posing!", etc- the whole time- almost as if we didn't know what he was doing. It was hilarious.

We've told people that before, and they've said things along the lines of, "How obnoxious/rude"- but we got engaged in a public place. It wasn't as if we had a secret picnic, and she popped out of the bushes and started telling us that he was proposing while he was doing it. It was on the Sears Tower!

On the fourth of July.

During the fireworks show.

Exactly a year from the day we first said I love you, during a fireworks show.

And it was perfect.

Us, standing on the ledge over Chicago after the proposal

What it looked like from where we were- it was so cool!

Mikey and I in the photobooth right after it happened :)

We were walking over the Chicago river on our way back to the train station, and we must have been just beaming with happiness, because this older couple asked us what we were doing. We told them that we just got engaged, and they offered to take a picture of us. They were older, so we were pretty sure we could run them down if they stole our camera, so we said yes-- and I'm so glad we did. This is one of my favorite pictures of that day, because it really captures how happy we were.


Did you have a funny moment on your engagement day?


  1. my fun fact: After Davey proposed, and after I said yes, I laid on the floor for a while. But he and my roommate did conspire to take me completely off guard...

  2. Hahahaha, aww, that's hilarious! what did they do to catch you so off guard?