Engagement: The first

Since I am getting married, it's safe to assume that Mikey proposed to me at some point. And I have to say, it was one of the sweetest things he's ever done (which makes sense- if it was one of the cruelest and/or strangest thing he'd ever done, you'd be reading a VERY different blog right now...).

So, without further ado, I give you: Engagement Story, Part One.
(It's a long story, and pretty picture heavy, so yes, I'm doing it in parts :D)

I knew he was going to propose.

I know, it's horrible. I absolutely *adore* surprises (as well as using *these* to accent certain words, apparently), but I am very difficult to surprise. Many of my friends have tried, and it's nearly impossible. I can sense when something is even slightly different, and then I kind of just piece together what's happening. My idea of what's happening may not be super detailed, but I'll know something is happening. So, I knew Mikey was going to propose. I also knew the day it was going to happen. The year before, Mikey and I had said "I love you" for the first time during the fireworks show on the fourth of July. I knew he was planning something big for the fourth, and I knew it was a proposal- but I had no idea how it was going to happen. He knew that I knew, vehemently denied it- but then also gave me a few hints.

For example, the day before, Mikey had me drop him off at work, and before he got out of the car he handed me an envelope. He told me not to open it, and told me to drive to a nail salon (that I had noticed a few months before), where he had booked me a nail appointment for a manicure. I was pretty much stunned. I knew he was planning to propose, but planning anything? In advance? For a manicure?? For a moment I was sure someone else had taken over my fiance's body. It was such an uncharacteristic move on his part (planning ahead) and it threw me completely off course. I went to the place, the manicure was wonderful, and I picked him up shiny-eyed and smiling. That evening, Mikey took me out on a date-- I thought he had one-upped me, knew that I knew about the proposal and decided to propose that night! Instead, he took me to see the movie "The Proposal"- that clever, clever, teasing man. :P

So, we had a wonderful evening, and since we still weren't living together at that time, we spent the night at my parent's house (a quasi-regular happening) and I was extremely excited for the next day.

I was woken up, on the fourth of July, 2009, by Mikey, who brought me breakfast in bed. I can't remember what I had now, but Mikey is a wonderful cook, so I know that it was delicious. It was a suuuuuper early morning (probably around 6, which is early for a Saturday, if you ask me). We ate together, and then we showered. When we went back upstairs, Mikey had laid out an outfit for me to wear for the day, from head to toe-including undergarments and shoes, even!

That was amazing to me- see, I'm the one who does the planning. Pretty much alllll of the planning is left up to me, and so anytime I don't have to decide where we're going, when we're going, what we're doing when we get there, an alternative plan in case everything doesn't quite work out, etc, I'm a super happy lady. So, the fact that I didn't even have to worry about what to wear for the day was such a nice break. It was hard for me, though, to bite my tongue and not ask if maybe I should bring a change of shoes, or an extra sweater, or a jacket. I love not having to do the planning work, but it can be really tough for me to hand over the reigns.

I get dressed, we go downstairs and out to the car, and Mikey blindfolds me. We drive for about an hour (it didn't seem so long, though, considering I knew how the day would end up- I was so excited I even had a bit of the shakes!) until we arrived where I used to work, at a Starbucks. We went in, got our favorite drinks from Starbucks (caramel macchiato, all the way!), and then hopped back in the car and drove about a block to the train station.

Us, together with our drinks:

Me, pointing to mine- we took so many ridiculous photos in the day, though I'm glad we did- I'd rather have too many than leave anything out. (Do you like how my boobs are swallowing my necklace in this post? Ridiculous!)

Here's Mikey, with his drink. He even wore my favorite outfit of his- a black tee-shirt and some jeans. I don't know what it is, but that look just drives me wild!We pulled into the parking lot, and Mikey told me we had a little bit to wait for the train.

I was excited for our trip (I LOVE when I don't have to plan-- have I mentioned that?) and I was content to sit there and pester Mikey, asking what we were planning to do for the day. Of course, he didn't tell me, which I expected- but then he did something I DIDN'T expect.

While we're sitting there, he pulls out a small ring box. My hands fly to my mouth, and my eyes move in disbelief from his face to the box. He says, "Keighley, I've known you for a very long time, and I love you so much, so I was wondering..."

My heart is pounding, I'm beginning to tear up, and he finishes with,

"...if you would drink this bottle of mead with me."

He opens up the box, and inside is a 25 cent machine ring.

I remember laughing out loud, hitting him in the arm for teasing me, and then wearing the ring and taking a picture. It's not a super high quality pic, but you can see the ring on my pointer finger just fine (as well as my french manicure!):

I thought it was funny, but then Mikey explained to me why we were drinking in the parking lot of the station. If you read my "how we met" post, you'll remember that the first night we met, Mikey attempted seducing me with a bottle of his homemade mead. Well, the bottle that we were drinking was from that same batch! It was such a sweet moment, and we shared the bottle, and each had a nice head rush going- we didn't finish the bottle, because as we were close, the train pulled up and we had to run out to catch it.

Here Mikey is, on the train, smiling like a devil because he held all of the secret plans to himself. Damn you, adorable past-Mikey!
To find out where we went, you'll have to tune in to part two!

Where do you think we went, and what's your favorite Starbucks beverage?

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