New Addition to the Family!

Not a baby, of course. I had to say that, though, to catch your immediate and intense interest! However, although I have misled you, it's not by that much. Tomorrow we are hopefully getting a girlfriend for this guy:
Who has no thumbs and wants a playmate? This guy!

We love our dog, Bandit- he's a total sweetheart, and we wouldn't give him up for anything. He a beautiful, beautiful dog, and he wouldn't hurt a fly (well, I think he ate one, once- but I think it was a quick and merciful death). He's unbelievably well-behaved...when we're home.

He has a funny little quirk about him (common in most huskies) called separation anxiety.

When he is left alone, he freaks out. We once put him in a room we made for him in our basement (our "doggie" room), only to come home and find out he tunneled through the wood door. Yep, clean through it. He's also torn molding off of a door frame, scratched up carpet, and even once jumped through a screen window.

We tried to crate train him, but he tends to freak out and rub his nose on the bars, or claw at the cage, and he ends up hurting himself-which, of course, we don't want. Mikey's dad suggested getting doggie sedatives, but if we can help it, we'd rather not drug him.

Generally, one of us is home during the day, and most days when he's left alone, it's only for around three hours. Also, whenever we know we're all going to be gone a majority of the day, we have my brother come over and watch Bandit, in exchange for driving lessons. However, there are days we can't get him here, and so we resort to caging Bandit, and providing him with a myriad of distractions, in hopes he'll play with toys and peanut-butter filled treats rather than claw or bite at his cage.

So remember that time he jumped out of the screen window? Huskies have a tendency to run, and get lost for days, weeks, or forever.

Where did Bandit go? Over to a neighbor's house, to play with a dog. Bandit *adores* going to the dog park, and lately, he's been sighing in doggie discontent when he hears all the neighborhood dogs barking about how great it is to have friends.*

*This may not be an accurate translation-I'm not the most accurate barking translator-but I try.

We recently spoke to a few dog trainers who've had huskies before, and they've said the best way to cure a husky's separation anxiety is to get them a friend.

So, the roomies and I have decided we need to get him a one, and, preferably, a lady friend.

(Ok, so that's just Bandit in a bandana, but isn't he adorable? He looks like he's heading to the market to get a fresh loaf of bread and a dozen eggs.)

Aaaaaaand, we may have found one. Tomorrow, Mikey and Sam are dropping me off at school and heading to meet with a potential puppy pal. I'll definitely keep you updated if we do get a new friend (*crosses fingers*) and post pictures (of course!) of what will hopefully be a happy, new couple!

Because, really, this guy deserves to have whatever he wants :)

Do you have a furbaby you just adore? Do they have a furry pal to keep them company?

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