Why I'm One Lucky Lady

I had a very long day at work, and the thing I was most excited to do when I got home was pee and then not move for about eight hours. I sometimes get grumpy when I work long days, and I'm not always the easiest person to get along with when I turn on my grump. I try to keep to myself and keep my interactions with people pretty limited, but it's not always easy when you live with two other people who you generally get along with and they happen to enjoy spending time with you. And, since I'm not perfect, I occasionally snap at people I shouldn't.

So, when I got out of my car, I could picture nothing making me happier than avoiding everyone and heading right to bed. Instead, I come home to this:

Despite my best efforts, I felt my steely countenance melting as I inhaled the mouth-watering aroma of Mikey's oatmeal raisin cookies. Also, he's just one hell of an adorable guy. I mean, I know I complained about working, but Mikey worked a longer day than I did- very early- went grocery shopping, and then came home and made cookies.

He's all beat up from chasing our dog yesterday for about, oh, 5 hours or so? He ran away while at Mikey's brother's house with Mikey, and he had to go bushwhacking through the woods and fields to find him. It was dark, and he tripped and got part of a stick embedded in his face.

That's right, IN HIS FACE. He lost his glasses and his phone (though he found his phone after a few minutes of walking around in the dark) and then bought a charger (because his phone was dead, of course) so he could talk to me on the way home. He was three hours late to pick me up because he was so diligently searching for Bandit (who he found, by the way) and brought me dark chocolate as an apology for keeping me that long. I hadn't said anything, I was just worried about our dog, and I would have waited at school for five extra hours to have him back home, but Mikey felt bad for me, that he brought me my favorite chocolate.

Let me break this down a little bit more, because I'm still even trying to sort out what a super sweet gesture that was.
Mikey- stick in face, lost phone, lost glasses, got turned around and ended up walking five miles at night to get back to the house, long day of manual labor
Me- at school, in an armchair, browsing weddingbee.com, reading webcomics and watching Juno on my laptop

And I'M the one who gets chocolate.

I love him SO much.

And since I do love him so much, I'm going to go be sweet to him for a bit, cuddle with him, and maybe share a glass of milk with our cookies.

But before I do, I'll leave you with a few more pictures of combined hotness and sweetness. Especially the last picture-- I think that may be one of my favorite pictures of him ever taken. It's so yummy, in so many ways ;)

(he just looks so good!!!)

What makes you a lucky lady/lad?


  1. Oh, he is a cutie! Sounds like a keeper, too! I knew you were busy, but whew! Good luck - glad he found the dog!