Picatures* of the Engagement Kind

*I did indeed mean to write it that way. It's so much fun to say!

For my birthday this year, Mikey and Sam asked me what I wanted to do- we had a pow wow about it, sitting around in our living room, drinking coffee. Chicago is pretty much my favorite place in the world, and so I told them I'd love to spend the day in Chicago with them both. We all had off the day before my birthday, and requested off for my birthday. We got all dolled up- Sam's present to me was to have my hair dyed and styled (yes!)- and headed down to the windy city. We brought along a bunch of alcohol, parked our car, filled our cups with mixed drinks, and started walking around. We had planned on going to the Field Museum (it was free that day) but we ended up getting there too late.

Instead, we walked over to the aquarium. They weren't having a free day, but since there was about an hour left for them to be open, they let us come in and wander, free of charge!*

*Note: free is one of my two favorite words. The other is mini. So anything that is free and mini? Hoooo boy, you better believe I'm in love with it.

We also had talked about possibly taking some engagement pictures that day- we were going to be in Chicago, after all, and if you read my engagement story (starts here, if you're interested on catching up what you missed!) you'll remember that Mikey actually proposed to me after a very long, special day in Chicago. So, amidst all the amazing drinking, free aquarium, random Mexican restaurant with *amazing* salsa, and before the comedy shows, we managed to do a mini engagement shoot. We plan on doing another one, too (oh, the benefits of having a friend who is a pro with a camera) but I think I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for these photos. Not only do they do a great job of showing my and Mikey's love for one another, they also help me remember the great day we all had in the city together.

Without further ado, here they are: the engagement photos.

Ok, so this last one is a joke, but it might be the picture that really expresses us the best.

Ever mix holidays or other special days with wedding stuff?

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