Homemade Mead and Mario

So, since this blog is supposed to be chronicling the lives of Mikey and I, I figured it would be a good idea to include a post on how we met! As so non-ominously foreshadowed by the picture above, we met during a snowstorm. There's a little bit more to it than that, though. We weren't just wandering around in the middle of a snowstorm, happen to bump into one another and say, "Oh, fancy meeting you, another person, out in a snowstorm such as this. Would you like to date and then one day be married?" That would have been a lot faster, but I think our story is pretty cute. Though, again, I think I might be biased.

It all started when I was sitting in a movie theater with Michael. Not Mikey, mind you (I suppose I was going through a Mike phase?) but a different guy who I was kind of seeing at the time. As we sat there, watching Harry Potter in the school cinema-quite content, mind you- I looked over. I looked at other Michael for a few seconds, and something that's never quite happened to me before occurred. I completely lost interest in him. Right then and there- I had been enjoying his company, and then all of the sudden, not so much. It wasn't anything he did- he wasn't picking his nose, or talking loudly in a movie (which I hate)- he was just sitting there. So, confused by this non-compulsion to be there any longer, I whispered to him "I'm gonna go" and left the movie theater. I don't remember if he said anything, but he didn't follow me.

On the way back to my dorm, I looked around at the campus. It was very beautiful, covered in about a foot of snow, and extremely peaceful. I felt kind of restless, though. I had the desire to do something that night, but I had no idea what. I got to my dorm, sat down on my bed, and stared out the window. I was thinking about work, when I suddenly remembered my very handsome coworker had promised to lend me a book, and he lived right on campus! I put on some make-up, threw a few strands of hair around a curling iron, and started the (very short) walk to his dorm. I wasn't planning on hitting on him or anything, but sometimes, a girl just likes to look at something pretty, and believe me, he was pretty. I get to his dorm, and he went to grab me the book from his room. As I was standing there, waiting for the book, a few girls hanging out in the dorm recognized me. They asked if I wanted to stay and hang out, but I, feeling restless, decided to head back and do a bit of reading from the book I borrowed.

I get back to my dorm, and I begin to read some Shakespeare play- Macbeth, I think? I was at it for about 15 minutes or so before I realize I've stopped reading and have just been staring out of the window. I shoot an IM to my friend at the dorm of the beautiful man, and I tell her that if they're up for playing in the snow, I'd be down for hanging out. She replies that they're actually waiting for one person, and then they're having a big snowball fight in the quad. I get dressed and head over.

I was there for about maybe a minute and a half, kind of standing on the outskirts of the group of people, when the anticipated person arrived. The first thing I remember noticing about him was his smile- it was so big and inviting, I could feel myself melting a bit just looking at it. He said hello to all of his friends, doing a visual scan of the crowd. His eyes swept over me, and then he-no joke- did a double take. I have to say, there's hardly a gesture more flattering than an involuntary double take- it made me feel so good about myself! Anyways, after double taking, he smiles even bigger (I remember thinking, "oh my god, his smile is so contagious!") and says, "Hi!". I think I smiled back, or said a quick hi, and then a snowball fight broke out. At one point, he lobbed one at my head (which barely missed), and I also tried to unsuccessfully use him as a shield. After we were all soaked, we headed inside to enjoy some nice, spiked hot chocolate.

I wish I could say that as soon as we went inside, he and I started to flirt the entire rest of the night, but that's only partially true. I ended up on a couch, sitting in between Mikey and a friend of his. I must have accidentally fallen in some sort of aphrodisiac that night, because soon I was being flirted with on both sides! I swear, this never happens to me. I'm the kind of girl who people start to like after they get to know me- I'm not a like-at-first-sight kinda gal, it just doesn't happen for me. But, for some reason, I had two very attractive flirty men, and let me tell you, it was fantastic! Mikey was giving me some of his homemade mead, and his buddy was rehearsing Shakespeare and holding my hand under a blanket. As fun as it sounds (and was), it started to get a little overwhelming. I was trying to decide which one of them to turn all of my attention toward, when Mikey gets up and goes to his room for a minute. I thought that meant he was no longer interested, so I started to talk more in depth to his friend. All of the sudden, I feel Mikey sit next to me again, and that's when I saw them: Mario Pajama Pants.

And that's when I knew.

I know, it's a bit ridiculous that I picked the man that I'm now marrying because of a pair of nintendo-themed apparel, but it happened. He was just so nerdy, and happy, and comfy looking- I just couldn't resist. Hell, I love me some Shakespeare, but this girl falls hard for the nerds. If you look close at the picture, can you see a little panel of the pants has a controller in it? Well, that panel happened to sit right on his left knee, where I started to poke him and pretend I was playing nintendo. I ended up staying the night at the apartment, and me and some of the other girls fell asleep on the pull-out couch in the living room. Mikey cuddled right in, and we ended up spooning and holding hands the whole night.

The next day, I went back over, and I hung around with my female buddies, and kept joking and flirting with Mikey as we all made spaghetti together. That night, we watched a movie again. The movie was fine, but Mikey and I ended up going into his room, talking, joking around, and we ended up kissing. The next hour or so was spent giggling about stupid jokes and stealing kisses here and there, when Mikey looked down at me (he IS 6"2, and I am only 5"3) and said, "We should date". I looked up at him, smiling, and said, "Yeah, I think so." And the rest, as they say, is history :)

I think this picture was actually taken three days after we started dating :)

(Ok, so this picture really has nothing to do with the post, but it's one of my favorites :D)
(Also, it was not taken in the future. But how badass would that be??)

Do you have a cute meeting story?

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